Woman Overbored? no way!

This story reminds me of our book club book discussion of ‘Woman Overboard’. The author was at our house, she’s a friend of members, Carol, and Bob. She described the writing, which involved converting from first person to third, and vice versa, or vice versa, I can’t really remember. The relationship with her older husband was a factor for this brave woman who never learned to swim, and who was afraid, very afraid most of the trip. It didn’t sound like a very enjoyable way to travel. It reminds me of travelling cross country on a motorbike. Why anyone would do it is questionable, I still don’t know why anyone would find that attractive. Some people must enjoy a challenge, no matter how unrewarding it may be. The author just seemed to like writing about her perspective of it. From her website, http://www.womanoverboardbook.com/ : CAMILLE GANNON CANNOT SWIM. In fact, she suffers from a gut-wrenching fear of drowning. At the peak of her professional career, her husband, Peter, reveals his lifelong dream of circumnavigating the world on a sailboat, with Camille as first mate.
So begins a nearly two-year saga where Camille must suppress her fears and dreams and find the will to accept a life of isolation and her own inadequacies as a sailor. Living within the confines of a 44-foot sailboat, experiencing the awesome power of nature on the open sea, and enduring the intrusion of crew members along the way, she struggles to support Peter as they island-hop across the South Pacific. While landfalls and shore leaves are fascinating adventures, cruising is not all blue lagoons, sunsets, and tailwinds. Yet Camille’s anxiety slowly evolves into confidence in her abilities as a sailor, a wife, and a woman.
Woman Overboard will resonate with all women faced with the choice of enabling the passion of a beloved mate when doing so means personal sacrifice and confrontation with their fears. The memoir is a warm-hearted glimpse into the life of a cruising couple as they discover the true meaning of bon voyage.

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