The Man Who Loved Books too Much

We had our book club at our house last night. We discussed ‘The Man Who Loved Books Too Much’, by Allison Hoover Bartlett. Some liked it, some didn’t think too much of it. It was about a guy who stole books (a lot of books!), why, and how he did it. And the price he paid when he was caught (more than once going to prison).  I picked the book. Sue and I had some nice cheese her brother sent, veggies, and salmon and crackers, chips and dip. We polished off some wine, and had a triple chocolate cake for dessert. I listened to this book on CD, which I borrowed from our local library. Coincidentally I downloaded the e book version of it from our library today. I wanted to download it to my tablet, but couldn’t so It went to my HP laptop. Oh well, I’ll keep working on that- to get it to my tablet. I have a meeting with a local library techie later this month. We went to an art show at La Paloma Resort, and there was a bookseller there. We talked about the book we read, and the book business.

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