Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

Susan served a lot of good food, and wine. We discussed many themes in ‘Pettigrew’ Bob H., the selector, said he thought it might have made a tame Harlequin novel, but he thought better of it after a second read. Most of us would have missed it if he didn’t reconsider. The changing English scene of race, class, sex roles, class, and more played a big role in a very dramatic love story.  Most of us liked it, except Bob A. who couldn’t get into it. While, not perfect, this book is well worth reading for the opportunity to meet the people who shared Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. We changed the next selection from Judy’s first choice, Biff, to another Kabodle of a  Lahiri novel: The Namesake. I liked Biff’s author’s prior novel, Bite Me, so I’ll probably read that too.

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