Title-lines from an oath?

This is an experiment to see how anyone could use the link in the bookclub website to comment on my blog. I hit the link at the bottom of the website Bob puts up, and it took me to my blog. Then I stumbled around, and finally found this form under ‘About’.

It was a great meeting at Bob & Judy’s! The book, Cutting for Stone, was the best discussed in a long time. An ambituous novel it goes from Ethiopia to NYC, and through the lives of many memorable characters. It shows how the characters choices matter because those choices are limited, and once we take a certain path the choices force a certain narrowing because we can’t go back. There are no ‘do overs’ in life. These ‘choices’ are forced by the circumstances of our birth. Some of us are oaks, and some of us are roses. To explain all that might take a book as complex as Cutting for Stone. That was my point, or the author’s point, in my opinion. I am listening to the book on CDs, which gave me the reader’s pronuciations of the names, etc. Genet was not pronounced like the French would… Jim thought the author produced a good book. Most of us thought the medical minutae was overdone. The book was encyclopedic, and complex to the extreme in most areas, consciously vague in others. If you want a good story, great characters, and a world view Cutting for Stone is your book.
The potluck, and book exchange were fine too. Kudos to our hosts.

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