We Lemon Treed

The question of why palestineians are so angry was addressed by The Lemon Tree, Jackie’s pick. Dave and Jackie hosted very well. Driving the jews into the sea was an option discussed in the book, and where did these israelis come from was another. Why didn’t the holocaust survivors go back to where they came from was another concept from this book that had everyone up tight. Jackie explained that a lot of muslims felt terror was what they thought their only option  was. The book gave a lot of the history of the biblical lands that were contested, and are still in play, and of the people who now fight over them. This was happening at the time of new peace talks in Washington. Hamas answered by killing israeli settlers. Over the years many lands have changed hands due to wars, and problems of ownership. This book spoke eloquently about the loss of the people who lost their land, That is not all of the story. As long as history there will be disputes settled by force of arms, and wisdom, and compassion are luxuries left to the time after the dust settles. Survival comes first. 
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