Reluctant? No, Fundamentalist? maybe.

Deanna and the bookclub lost one of the founding members, Bill, her husband, last week, when he died after fighting Parkinson’s for too long. As the draw would have it Deanna hosted our club. She always does a good job. We heard more about her trip to Israel, and about Maggie’s India trip too. We considered ‘Funadmentalist’ a bit deeper than most books we read. The circumstances of a talented person rejecting the West for his native Pakistan is provoking. Symbolism regarding his friend Erica,
(America) perhaps was intended, but we saw it. That a monologue could be sustained for so long was interesting. The ending was as ambiguous as endings get, but was good for imagining what happened, indeed we had a good time discussing what happened throughout the story. Overall a sad ending to a sad storybut we enjoyed the author’s effort.
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