Enemy Women at Leslie’s

Sue and I arrived a bit late after a union steward recognition meeting. In addition to us and our hostess, present were Jana, who brought Jim, Deanna, Susan C., Dave, and Jackie. Deanna was ailing from an injury to her foot. She just returned from Israel. The story was closely related to the author’s research, and we mostly enjoyed her Civil war story. The characters were interesting. We mostly got used to the lack of quotation marks. Jana is interested in the subject, especially the conflict in the Kansas – Missouri area. While interesting as a piece of history, we could go along with the characters in their struggle as engaged observers. Paulette Giles wrote an interesting story, grounded in historical documentation. I mistook the hummus for brown mustard, and the melted brie for mayo to go with the salami, and cheese slices. Good poppy seed cake, and beverages – thanks Leslie. Jackie, and I announced our selections for August, and September. Bob updated our bookclub webpage(and added his selection for October) :


The Bookclub Web Page
Last Updated 06/20/2009
Year (click to change)
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2010 Meetings
Date Host(s) Selector Title Author
01/09/2010 Sue & Larry Sue The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
02/13/2010 Susan C. Susan C. Wind, Sand and Stars Antoine de Saint-Exupery
03/13/2010 Jana Maggie Voluntary Madness Norah Vincent
04/10/2010 Maggie & Jim Carol Mountains Beyond Mountains Tracy Kidder
05/08/2010 Judy & Bob Jim The White Tiger Arabind Adiga
06/19/2010 Leslie Jana Enemy Women Paulette Jiles
07/17/2010 Deanna Leslie The Reluctant Fundamentalist Mohsin Hamid
08/21/2010 Jackie & Dave Jackie The Lemon Tree Sandy Tolan
09/18/2010 Carol & Bob Larry The Book of Air and Shadows Michael Gruber
10/16/2010 Sue & Larry Bob A. The Road Cormac McCarthy
11/20/2010 Susan C. Dave    
12/18/2010 Jana Bob H.    

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