White Tiger

Book Club – White Tiger

I couldn’t remember the title
I sat down to write about our meeting at

Bob and Judy’s last month.
 came late because she went to an Indian dinner, which was quite a
coincidence since the book, White Tiger, was about India. I was
to a NPR discussion about the importance people place on being right so
I took a few notes while I was trying to remember the book:

(When someone disagrees we think they
either  ignorant, idiotic, or evil. We usually think there is something shameful about
being wrong. There are gender  issues, we are usually unable to admit error. We hate to be wrong,
but should readily admit when we are. We should investigate it, rather than deny it. The
difference between our actions, beliefs, and reality is what makes us unique.)

So to jog my memory (remember I drew a blank in the beginning) I wrote a
questions which might have helped:

I answer some – this is after all a story about the book club meeting, not just my memory.
Where in the world did it take
I don’t answer the obvious, or where answered earlier, or where they were far off the beam.
When in history did it occur?
time ago? Recent, current events.

Who were the characters? White
Tiger,  driver entrepreneur. His employer, his employer’s wife, Pinky
Madame, the employer’s family, his family, the other people he worked
and the others.

Who said what about it? This
helped figure it out first. I started to think about the book club
That’s where I remembered Deanna’s Indian dinner. Then the story came,
and then the title. Mostly we liked it. Bob and Judy told us a lot about
their Indian trips, and shared their pictures. The author is a
who seems to be branching out to novel writing. We discussed whether he
( White Tiger, main character, not the author) was a sociopath.

Why? Letters to the Chinese,
minister, Jao Bao? who wanted to learn about Indian entrepreneurs.

Happy?  Mostly

Sad? Sometimes

Healthy? mostly

Professions? What people did
their various roles in India. From manual laborers to teachers,
and the rich.

Men?  Mostly

Women? The White Tiger’s
who wanted to use him, and Pinky Madame who was interesting, but not
very sympatetically.

Also there were a  few soiled
doves, and relatives.


Also discussed recently:

(What happened to make Helen
say what she did about Israelis as occupiers? )

Judy made some homemade gluten
free cake, and we ate, and drank well.

My bad for waiting so long to
up the story of our meeting, although it was interesting to me to
how I reconstructed the evening
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