Phantom of the Opera appears

to be quite a book, who knew? Why there were so many versions of movies, and plays was because there was a continuum of story from ancient myths through medieval legends to Shakespeare finally through the gothic novels to present day fascination with horror. Our distinguished professor / distinguished guest brought his research and teaching genius to us as an early Christmas/Hanukkah gift. The discussion was far reaching. From the social context of the French yellow press to the controversy of Freud’s influence on French scientific thought in psychology we went very far into the niche the phantom occupied as an early 20th century example of human obsession with the dark side. Thanks to Deanna for finding so helpful and gracious a discussion leader Dr. Jerrold Hogle of the U of A. Bob and Carol had great cheese logs, and spreads for the crackers, with truffles, and sweets, …and fine drinks to wash it all down. It was one of the longest sessions we enjoyed in a while. Gaston Laroux, and his Phantom, must have loved their new appreciation we had for their genius.
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