Late again

Well, I was overwhelmed by my life again.
I got busy and didn’t enter close enough to the event to keep all the details of the interactions. The further into the past the less I recall. Sorry. 
The second to last book was People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. We met at Maggie & Jim’s. All was as it always is at our meetings: good talk about the book, and food and drink. Bob H. picked a good one, which blended history and imaginary filling in the facts with what the author made up. The end was a bit implausible, but it made a good story out of dry history. 
The last book was in a caboodle Judy discovered at the library. She got us a book bag filled with copies for everyone.
The details are on the Pima library website. Purple Hibiscus, by Chimanda Ngozi Adichie was the book. We had a small group at Dave and Jackie’s. They made a great variety of foods, and drink available. As usual the UA game was competing for most of our member’s attention. Most of us enjoyed the story. The characters were complex enough to make some cliche’ plotting almost work. Abusive father, African political coups, comparison of tribal religion with catholicism, revenge of the abused, innocent taking the heat, good vs. evil, family dynamics… We should ask why we pick our books more, and who didn’t like the book before the end of the meeting. One of those questions was answered in time to talk about it during this meeting. Sometimes a lot can be gained from someone who is reluctant to talk about a book if he didn’t like it. We enjoy our get togethers, but sometimes we need to engage in confronting what is going on in the book, and more than whether we like it, but why. This relates to why we choose a book and how good a book it is.
Sure we need to read fluff once in a while, but for the book club let’s  get a signifigant book that makes a difference.
Both of the books here meet the criteria, We need to step up too in our discussion. I’m just sayin… And I should be up to reporting the meetings better too.
That tripe said, our next book, Phantom of the Opera, was around for so long that we can get it online at Project Gutenberg if we want to get an online version instead of a book. Of course we can print it out, or find a print version.
I think Google has the entire Signet version copied online. And with our guest present we should have a great meeting at Bob and Carol’s December 12. 
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