We discussed Little Pink House…

at Deanna’s. Perhaps, as Jim said it was too long, but it was fleshed out so as to make a dry story a personal one. We saw what happens when someone brings home a book and her husband picks it up, and likes it enough to make it his recommendation to the club. I think we all liked the skillful job of work done on the eminent domain subject. Deanna put on a skillful job of work on the snacks, including a cheesecake. Pat said she was dropping out, and maybe we will consider it a sabattical. This was a good choice for us, thanks Dave, and we learned from the book, and enjoyed our fraternity as  discussors of books, and the fun of it was a reminder of the best of our what our group can be. Sue’ already into People of the Book, an we have Phantom ready to go too.
I just finished Fanon on CD. It’s a very different style of book which blends biography, and a personal memoir with poetry. I recommend it.
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