Wandering in the desert, with dessert

We gathered at the appointed time, Sue prepared some veggies, chips and dip, after the talk about the book, Secret Knowledge of Water, by Craig Childs,
we had some homemade carrot cake, washed down with beverages. Our author told a tale of his wanderings in search of water, in water, avoiding murderous water, witnessing the after effects of floods, and thinking about the wet stuff. Sometimes he was new age poet, other times he was scientest, and always he was in the desert experiencing water, or the lack therof. This bothered some of our readers. Childs did some things in searching for water that would make a skydiver nervous. I’m not talking about driving through sand 3 feet at a time either. Who would risk hypothermia in a flooded canyon, or walk toward a flash flood?
Certainly not most people, and even most risk lovers. Given the close knowledge of desert floods, such behavior was asking for it. There was a mystical quality around Childs searching for water cisterns in arid lands. Sad about the poisoning of the ‘trash’ native fish to usher in the more desirable sport fish. Things were different then, and the perpetrators didn’t know what we know now. Carol and Bob heard Childs at the Book Fair at the U of A. We heard him through his web site reading about the Peregrine falcon. After hashing around the details about the next meetings and books we broke up. Another book, some memorable scenes, and an author who may be too much in love with death.

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