Interpreter of Maladies

What a good time we had talking about the finely written stories in Maladies. While they were not earth shattering they were not totally forgettable either. Some of us had trouble remembering all the stories, but a few of them came to mind. Memoirs? Imaginings of what might have happened to an acquaintance? Characters from a group we worked with once? People we met on vacation? Childhood friends, or their parents? Bob and Jackie made us welcome, and we did our thing.
I’m listening to the CD version of Blasphemy by Douglas Preston-what a romp! From the sleepy beginning to the riotous encounter with G-d! What is going on, and who is doing what? It’s a conspiracy mystery with a filling of science vs. revelation inside.
The two books I’m still reading are The man with the Iron Heart by Turtledove, and the Lost Stories of D. Hammet, are still going well, but it’s hard to find time. (Same old excuse!)
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