Who’s on first…

Latest movement in the Bookclub besides fast turning pages in Heart Seisure. Thanks to Carol, who sent a note to Susan Vreeland about her call in.
(Some names & details were changed to protect innocence in general):
Bob: Hello All, The server for the bookclub web site crashed and we have been migr…
Sep 6 (2 days ago)
Bob: Loading…Sep 6 (2 days ago)
Larry – Hi Bob, I put the next 4 books/hosts/dates in my blog after checking with som…
Sep 6 (2 days ago)
Bob  to
show details Sep 6 (1 day ago) Reply
OK, I have updated the site with the information from Larry’s blog.  Please check to make sure I have everything right.
We now have 11 hosts and 16 selectors in our illustrious group.  Here is my initial suggestion for the 2009 year and start of 2010.
 I would like to suggest we keep this order and cycle through and switch out on an as needed (or as wanted) basis.
Date                     Host(s)                              Selector
Jan-09                Jackie & Dave                        Jana
Feb-09                 Pat                                        Jim
Mar-09                Sue & Larry                           Jackie
Apr-09                  Susan C.                              Leslie
May-09                   Jana                                    Pat
Jun-09                  Leslie                                   Susan C.
Jul-09                    Jan                                      Dave
Aug-09              Judy & Bob                               Bob A.
Sep-09              Maggie & Jim                              Larry
Oct-09                Deanna                                    Bob H.
Nov-09              Carol & Bob                               Deanna
Dec-09              Jackie & Dave                             Judy
Jan-10                    Pat                                                                   Sue          Atilla
Feb-10                Sue & Larry                                Jan
Mar-10                Susan C.                                 Maggie
Apr-10                  Jana                                        Carol
May-10                 Leslie                                       Jana
Jun-10                   Jan                                           Jim
Comments and suggestion are welcome.
 (it was a lot of fun moving everyone to the right after cutting and pasting the program clumped everyone to the left side. Sue, my wife, however could not be moved 
   further to the right since Atilla was there.    😉
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