Luncheon of the book club

Yes I see our bookclub a bit like the group that was imortalized in Luncheon of the Boating Party. (OK we met in the evening and it wasn’t a luncheon!) But we create an experience together by our input with the books we talk about together. Anyway we talked about the book, then we called the author and talked about it with her, and then we talked about it some more. Some liked it, others were not impressed by the characterization, or some other factors. For me, the book took me to the post Franco-Prussian war world which the Impressionists helped heal, and reflected a nation in change. I got to see a famous painter and his world. Most thought the scholarship was impressive. Susan Vreeland told us about her next book and would let us know about it’s publication if we send her our emails.
Then we discussed the membership issues. It was difficult for our hostess to ask the recent and proposed guest to not attend since we were discussing membership, but their presence would have been a trial too. Jana prepared ballots for the issues and Pat was voted in, with a maximum upper limit of 16 for practical reasons-we can’t accomodate more in our homes, and besides we would lose the closeness which we value in our group if it got too big. We planned a few more books, and picked some dates. Bob is having some issues with the website which should be up soon , so I’ll referain from going there for a bit. Good choices, more community to close out 2008 – long live the art we are!
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