Calling Susan Vreeland

Luncheon of the Boating Party‏




Sun 7/27/08 9:58 PM

Dear Susan,
I liked your book so much I recommended it to our book club. I don’t know if this would work, but I think I saw somewhere on your extensive website that you can come to bookclubs. So if you’re in Tucson…:-) I guess by phone is possible, and I’d be happy to call you so you wouldn’t have a big phone bill, but you may want to keep your privacy, or have other concerns with that, Anyway I listened to the Luncheon, and know some of our other members will want to read some of your other books too. We’ll be assembled by 7:45 or so. My wife, who is also a Susan, has one of the numerous copies of your book owned by our library, but wants to listen to it too.
A little about us- Bob has maintained our website for quite a while now, and you can see you are on our list. The URL is: 
I’m Larry Newman, and I blog comments about our meetings:
Noone reads my blog, but you can if you want to see more about us, from my point of view. (And to see whether we are nuts)
I can give you Jan’s number if you want to call the night of the meeting to say hi to those of us here in Tucson who will be discussing your book. Someone might have a question for you. I’m sure if we know you are calling, we will come up with something. (understatement-for the humor challenged) We had a few authors attend our meetings, and it’s quite a thrill for us. Some of us are retired, Jan works at xxxxxx so she is on board with authors. When I told the group about my choice I mentioned that I saw something about how you can interact with readers. My number is xxx xxx xxxx.
Keep writing, and we’ll keep reading,
P. S.
The email address I check the most is I hope to hear from you if we can set something up.
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