On the way to the big island…

I have trouble entering spaces-go figure, but it looks like I’m in, and the words are appearing on the screen so here goes.
Leslie had the group just before the trip with Deanna. So I had to leave, but now I’m back. Bottom line-some members like dogs, and some don’t. More about the author than his dog, or the family, but that’s who writes memoirs. Jim thought he did a good job of the writing. Grogan was a journalist after all. I had some problems with the dangerous neighborhood he first lived in, and of course, Marley-the dog was a disaster, and some other arrangements should have been made. Then there was Grogan’s career. The progression of jobs seemed to go very well, and I was jealous, but that’s the way it goes for some folks. As for his wife, who also started out as a journalist, She made the transition to baby producer just fine, and how did she feel about that? Well, as an allegory for life Marley and Me wasn’t bad, but we need to see about what books we read, as a group I mean. Universal themes, something with enduring value, and of course the important criteria- short, and available, are the reasons to suggest books, not just "I liked it!". This isn’t Oprah’s book club, or the masters literature class, but let’s have some standards.
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