Liberated by the Chicoms!

Saturday we celebrated 7 Years in Tibet. Bob H. showed us just how hard Harrer’s trip was for on the map it was a long way, and on the ground it was up and down, cold and high in elevation. Then to become a respected contributor to the Lhasa upper class community was quite an achievement for an escaped POW(sort of). Unfortunately the Shangri La life came crashing down with the chinese absorbsion of tibet. H. H. decided to go home. Yes he had a family, and he was away for a long time, but one has to wonder if it were not for the invasion would he have ever wanted to go home. The War (second World) was over, and it was safe for ex-nazis to go back to the reich for 5 years or so. This adventurer gave us a good view of the tibetan world, warts and all. Some parts of it needed to change, and probably could have been better served if it were changed for the better earlier. A good read, and Jana treated her guests well 🙂 Well it’s to the dogs next time for Marley and Me.
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