Innocent Man

I was surprised that I enjoyed? this book as much as I did. Like the next book, Glass Castle, it isn’t about a pretty situation. Ron Williamson is a guy I will remember for quite a while, as well as his story. I thought we had a pretty good meeting at our house, even though some members were lacking, and we were the poorer for their absence. It is amazing that the legal system operates as it does, and we get a picture of it’s warts for sure from the Grisham non-fiction story. I think we all have to fight the lazy tendency to come to easy answers, as did the legal system in OK. Justice is always an ideal, which doesn’t come at cost free to the people involved, and we are all involved. Maybe we got a good look at how death row, and jails in general work. The lesson is to avoid them. And I mean don’t even come close. Mental illness is another issue we discussed. We also saw how a life on a upward trajectory can crash and burn. Luck, or grace prevents a lot of that, as does simple trying to be good, but there’s no guarantee, just hope the nightmare doesn’t happen to you. Our next book shows how a bad(hard) childhood can be overcome, even though the author Jeanette Walls, gets some scars along the way. I finished that book, and look forward to the discussion. A recommendation for a good read goes to The Last Templar, by Raymound Khoury. Any Harry Turtledove fans out there? I’m enjoying The Gladiator by that alternative history author.
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