New Schools

It was a full house at Leslie’s, including Deanna’s guests. The book was Three Cups of Tea, or 3cot, as I call it. As an introduction to how to make a difference into the other side of the world it made the case for doing something. It might not be the smartest thing, and not done the smartest way, but it was something. As a honorable response to a helping hand when he needed help to recuperate from a failed mountain climb at K2 3cot cronicled how Greg Mortenson built schools for the kids of the
area where he was helped. Of course when he posed the question of what would be a better use of resources 114 tomahawks or an equivalent number of dollars for schools there was some difference of opinion. I felt the Tomahawks would have more impact on the geopolitical situation (no pun intended). Mortenson himself admits he would not take funds he felt were tainted by where they come from. Jana thought he was a strange manager of his plan. If we learn from the past the lesson might be to operate as the locals do: take care of the vanquished peoples family: operate with honor-when you ‘interact’ with someone you become involved and need to fulfill the commitment.
Since Bill is not coming back to book club his choice of poetry was not continued, instead Susan C. rammed through a choice in his place, Roth’s Plot against America for March 8, at Bob and Carol’s. Water for Elephants will be discussed at Deannas February 9. 
Anyone see my photos recently added? More to come….
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