Marquez who?

I went to book club. I drove to book club. She drives me to book club. We had a great selection of food. We should have had more jello salads. He writes silly. There’s no plot. Sadness. When will I get my check! My husband should get his check. There is a god? God help me. The villagers all hate me.  I hate these stupid, ungrateful villagers. I will not speak about it. Why does he keep silent to me? who Where when?
Maybe next time the story will be more linear. Yes. a story of adventure gone bad on K2, rescued by Pakistanis, threatened by taliban, starting schools for children of all genders. Unfortunately the book is not available for 3 months from the library. If you don’t want to buy the book, the book won’t be available. 
Criteria for books: discussable, short, available, of some merit as scholarship, or literary worth.
Merry hanakwanzamas,
and have a booky 2008.
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