Catcher in the Rye

What can you say about Holden? We said it at Bob and Carol’s The book is like wine, or should I say whine, and will it get better with age, or turn sour, turn into vinegar. Did it change or did we? Yes we did, and the times too. The poor schmuck spoke for a section of OUR age, and helped resonate that age into what it was to be a sensitive youth in that era. Momento Mori, we grieve for ourselves; for the dead and the living who saw the fires of our lives, and now we pass on into the night, but for one short shining time we were growing up with all the pain and wonder of that time we might want to return to, but can never get again.
Next up is THE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE DETECTIVE by Richard Yancey to be done at the home of Larry and Sue 7/21.
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