In Praise of Slowness

I carried it to the stroke screening this morning, and I sleep next to it, but I can’t read it. LIFE keeps intervening, and I make other choices.
"Yesterday I had lunch with the director of the Quality of Life Challenge, a new policy unit attached to the UK Conservative Party. David Cameron, the party’s young leader, has shaken up the polticial landscape not just by changing his hair-style every few days but by stressing the importance of things that never used to register on the Tory radar: the environment, communities, leaving the office in time to be with your children. Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher, a woman who once boasted that her kids only ever fell ill on weekends, talking along these lines? The Quality of Life Challenge is looking for ways to phrase the Cameron message in a way that will win over the Conservative grassroots. The director of the Quality of Life Challenge is exploring how the Slow message might be brought into play. I’m not sure how far this will go, or if Cameron can really move the Conservative party into line with his rhetoric, but it seems to me a good sign that even British Tories are now interested in the Slow revolution. The tectonic plates are shifting…."-from the Book Club web page Bob publishes.
 What we need is a Quality of Life club. Who cares in the long run if you rush around and accomplish nothing. It’s a journey not a race. You get what you get, and accept it as a gift that you are given that has a price. We are witnesses to our own trial so pay attention. You always pay attention to something, just give a passing thought to what you’re missing.
I’ll get Slowness read by the 12th. See you at Bill & Deanna’s.
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