Happy Valentine’s day!

Well it’s embarassing to think how long it’s been since I made an entry in this Blog. however it’s a web log not a diary. Since then we had a strike, and I started a new job afterward. There were a few books read. The current book, Mozart in the Jungle, sweeps the music culture. Many ways of looking at that-from the personal, to the sociological, to the commercial are covered. I hope or webmaster, Bob, is over his illness. There has been a lot of illness this Winter. Maybe he can enjoy the website I found while looking for articles on oscilloscopes:

www.ethanwiner.com      (copy it to that line above where the web address for your page goes, and click go)

There is a lot there for all of us relating to music, and how it overlaps into other worlds.

My main book besides the book club selections is Michael Perry’s "Truck, a Love Story" He relates his life as an author, a volunteer fireman, gardener, truck restorer, and bachelor. It’s appropriate for this date to see his attempts to break out of the latter role. I recommend this book because it shows a man who struggles with life while enjoying it.

Hope to see a lot of you at Leslie’s

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