Seven Daughters-Wild Girl, and more…

I really like this book, but I won’t be able to finish it by bookclub time tonight. Too much electronics, and work related studying. All this will be over soon. The author tells the story of his study as a narrative, not just as a science report.
Any description reveals interesting trivia at the fringes, at least that’s what I like in my leisure reading. This is the way we make progress (value judgement) in the world. And so the flat earth theory dies off, fewer kids die birthing with antiseptic delivery rooms etc…. But what is the problem with Man? We need to start a new religion-Productiveness. Meetings to hash over what you did today to be more productive. Then examine the effects of what you did globally, and to the people around you. Sit around with your mates and figure it out. Delegate someone to represent the group to the next level, all the way to the top.
 Well, surprise I did finish the book! The discussion at Bob and Carol’s was good. Deanna brought her National Geographic test results. African? (read the book) The imagined life of the daughters bothered some of us, others thought it was enjoyable. Some modern ideas of how an ancient near human might act have to be flawed. Clan of the cave bear meets DNA.
Our next book was Wild Girl at Bill and Deanna’s. When I first looked at it I was still busy as a beaver, and although drawn to it I thought the tragedy of the cruelty was too depressing to read thouroughly. The discussion brought out more areas that might have been interesting to read, but maybe later. We can read our selections or not depending on our reactions, and other things going on in our lives. I’m reading the Phillip K. Dick reader, but he gets tedious at times-even when you are really into it.
My final for my last class was yesterday. I got a 90 on the test, and with the other grades for the work received a weighted score of 90.36%. I also picked up the certificate for the Product Test Specialist job I trained for 3 years to get. I’m getting paid at the highest rate in my life. It feels a bit unreal, but good. Having just turned 60 years old, and coming into the Fall, leading into the holidays, life seems to be heaving a sigh of relief, anticipating good times to come, rest after a long journey. Now I can clean up my office! 
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