Tonight’s the night …Crazy love

He wanted to go to the book club. He entered the room as she stumbled on the stroller. She was tipsy again. He missed his jockey/roomate. The Prelude was on the player and it was the last sound he heard as he ran into the cold, rainy night. She looked up at the open door and  thought, "I can’t take much more of this, I want to go home to Alabam!" A midget looked up at the open door as he limped by and said, "#$%*ing yuppies.".  He never saw the midget as he ran into the man. Through bloody lips the midget said, "This could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship." The man who ran into the midget was tall, and wiry. He was crying because of the pain from where his kneecap hit the midgets’s face. He thought he would never walk again, but the pain was clear, and he could focus on how to stop it. It was better than trying to cope with her/their pain. Maybe He could put some ice on his knee at book club. Why was that little man looking at him that way? He wondered if Carson McCullers ever had a day like this? He said, "Are you looking at me?" to the midget.
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