If you meet a tiger…

Interruption from the preachy part (which, I predict will recur endwise) for some action!

What to do when your world shrinks, and sinks and ( rhymes with smells bad) 🙂

 Why not live in the emergency stores locker? Noooo, let’s try taming the tiger!

I’m at the "hate to put it down" stage, where you think what you would do if you were in that predicament.

The Bookclub website I put up is

Due to closing my Worldnet ISP and taking the AARP PeoplePC deal for ISPing. I like it so far, a penny saved is a penny I can spend on Comcast. Traumatic since I had Worldnet for years, but it follows my Consumer from Hell philosophy. Rule #1: There is never a happy customer. Like a tiger after eating, satisfied for a while, but he will be on the lookout for the next meal soon, and maybe the next meal won’t be hyena. There may be a lazy customer, but there’s a tiger waiting to wake up inside!

Rule #2 Customer loyalty is a myth. Have you met the mythes?

That’s another story.

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