Kim, the Movie

Not even road closed warnings could stop a colorful gang of men and women people, who ate some (red hot) dogs they cooked on a fire (while another dog was forced to watch), washed them down with beer, vanilla coke, and wine, and then watched a coming of age movie starring Errol Flynn in the foothills last night! Vegetables were not spared either as potatoes were boiled and eaten. Corn was steamed in bags of oil, lettace, raw tomatoes, and even black olives were consumed whole. Then as the pack of omnivores sped off into the night vows of ‘let’s do it again sometime’, and ‘we’ll talk about KIM and his *%#ing footnotes at Bob and Carol’s on the 30th’ rang from pillar to post(modern pseudomediterranean villa clones). The surviving local residents- javelina, coyote, scorpion, rabbits, tomato, prickly pear, and an occasional biped, heaved a collective sigh of relief, as they returned to the normal terrorizing of each other.

Also welcome to my Blog, which will be open to the book club as a message post for announcements, or for comments for and to each other. As the Webisphere becomes aware we may get other comments as time goes by. The way this blog is set up you can have universal access, or access through Bill Gatesworld-MSN Messenger, or NETpassports, which most of the club didn’t seem to have, as is evident from email addresses.

I feel like I’m supposed to throw the bottle of bubbly at the ship now as it slips toward the sea… good luck blog! 


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