As I wait for Pima TEC 160, Microcontroller programming, course to begin I am eating BBQ and learning to blog. I can cut and paste, and string together a lot of stuff.



Liminary texts
Poliphilo enters the woods
Poliphilo searches for the source of the music
Poliphilo dreams within his dream
Poliphilo describes a colossal building
Poliphilo measures it and demonstrates its symmetry
Poliphilo enters the building, and encounters dragon
Poliphilo meets five nymphs
Poliphilo bathes with the five nymphs
Poliphilo meets their Queen, Freedom
Poliphilo reaches three gateways and chooses the middle one
Poliphilo discovers a beautiful nymph
Poliphilo is presented with an ignited torch
Poliphilo does not recognize the nymph Polia
Poliphilo describes the triumphal processions
Poliphilo declares his love
More triumphal processions
Polia becomes Poliphilo’s guide
Polia and Poliphilo unite
Polia leads Poliphilo to ruins and embark for the island of Cythera
The nymphs sing on the barge. Polia joins in
Polia and Poliphilo arrive on the Island
Poliphilo describes the island
Polia and Poliphilo enter an amphitheater
Polia and Poliphilo enter the garden and the fountain
Polia begins her version of the story
Polia, rejects Poliphilo’s love so he swoons and falls into a faint
Polia runs away witnesses the massacre of two maidens by Eros
Polia joins the cult of Venus
Polia revives Poliphilo with a kiss
Polia confesses her love for Poliphilo to the high priestess
Polia kisses Poliphilo passionately
Poliphilo complains that she never answered his letters
The text of the first letter that Poliphilo sent to Polia
Poliphilo continues to complain about Polia cruelty
Poliphilo continues, more complaints
Poliphilo describes the effects of Polia’s kiss
Poliphilo and Polia kiss, Polia disappears and Poliphilo awakens
Poliphilo complaining that his sleep was too short
Polia’s epitaph


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